Poseable Pals

There used to be a message board and even a blog here on the site, but sadly they got more attention from spammers than anyone else, so it become much easier to just shut them down altogether. Still, we love to hear from people who've visited the site and enjoyed what they've found here. Do it the old-fashioned way and and tell us what you think.

If you like, you can also drop by and comment on some of the Poseable Thumbs photos collected on Flickr.

Be a Pimp

Spread the word! Blog it, link it, share it, whatever. If oyu get a kick out of anything here, then spread the word about Poseable Thumbs because we're shameless attention whores who want the world to beat a path to our toybox. Look! We've even made a handy banner add so you can link to http://poseablethumbs.com in style:

Poseable Thumbs

Just grab a copy of that and link it to the site, or just paste this code into your own page:

<a href="http://poseablethumbs.com"»
<img src="http://poseablethumbs.com/img/poseable_thumbs_banner.jpg" alt="Poseable Thumbs" border="1" /»

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