Special Photo Requests

If you enjoy what you see here at Poseable Thumbs, why don't you get in on the action and participate in the creation of some new images? If you have a particular image that you would like to see recreated using some of the Thumbs, of the image and we'll figure out if we can do it or not.

If you're really ambitious, you can even for the Thumbs to act out. That's pretty hot, you've got to admit.

If it looks like we can do it, we'll shoot some custom images of the Thumbs in action! If you like, you can buy signed, limited-edition photographs of the set-up you request, in addition to having the results of your idea added to our Tributes gallery, and your name added to our list of patrons. (Unless you're the shy type, of course.)

Casting Call

It's pretty difficult to track down enough different figures, clothes, and props to produce a wide variety of material here on the site. If you have any old toys (or if you feel like getting us any new ones) that you are willing to contribute to the effort, we'd be eternally grateful. So grateful, in fact, that we'll happily trade free photo prints or other goodies for whatever you can provide, as well as add you to our list of patrons. what you've got!

Be a Pimp

Spread the word! Blog it, link it, share it, whatever. If oyu get a kick out of anything here, then spread the word about Poseable Thumbs because we're shameless attention whores who want the world to beat a path to our toybox. Look! We've even made a handy banner add so you can link to http://poseablethumbs.com in style:

Poseable Thumbs

Just grab a copy of that and link it to the site, or just paste this code into your own page:

<a href="http://poseablethumbs.com"»
<img src="http://poseablethumbs.com/img/poseable_thumbs_banner.jpg" alt="Poseable Thumbs" border="1" /»

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